The 22nd IFAC World Congress (IFAC 2022)

Automation SciencesControlEngineering

Conference Date

Jul 09-14, 2023


Yokohama, Japan, Japan

Submission Deadline

May 30, 2022





The organizers of the 22nd IFAC World Congress 2023 in Yokohama are planning a comeback of the IFAC Control Orchestra, which premiered at the 21st IFAC World Congress 2020.

The idea is to form an orchestra ensemble including only musicians from the automatic control community, to practice on site during the IFAC World Congress, and to make a live performance during the congress.

For this event, we are looking for interested people from the automatic control community who have some previous musical experience and who are interested in being part of a highly dynamic, distributed, nonlinear, adaptive, fuzzy, MIMO, fault-tolerant, learning-based feedback control system with experimental verification and validation.

If this tickles your fancy and you would like to be informed about the next steps, please subscribe to our e-mail list via the web form below. To go forward with our planning, we will ask the subscribers for some more information like name, affiliation, instrument etc. at some point in the future.