(ICLMC 2023) 2023 11th International Conference on Language, Media and Culture


Conference Date

Mar 17-Mar 19, 2023


Fukuoka, Japan

Submission Deadline

Feb 05, 2023






Full Name: 2023 11th International Conference on Language, Media and Culture (ICLMC 2023)
Abbreviation: ICLMC 2023
Time: March 17-19, 2023
Venue: Nishinippon Institute of Technology, Fukuoka, Japan
Conference Website: http://www.iclmc.org/

The 2023 11th International Conference on Language, Media and Culture (ICLMC 2023), which will be held during March 17-19, 2023, in Nishinippon Institute of Technology, Kitakyushu, Fukuoka, Japan. ICLMC 2023 aims to bring together researchers, scientists, engineers, and scholar students to exchange and share their experiences, new ideas, and research results about all aspects of Language, Media and Culture, and discuss the practical challenges encountered and the solutions adopted. The conference will be held every year to make it an ideal platform for people to share views and experiences in Language, Media and Culture and related areas. For more details of the conference schedule, please feel free to contact us at iclmc@iedrc.org. The full version of program will be given by early of April 2023.
ICLMC 2023 will feature invited keynote speeches as well as peer-reviewed paper presentations. The conference is completely open, you will not have to be an author or a discussant to attend. Submissions will be peer-reviewed and evaluated based on originality, relevance to conference, contributions, and presentation.

Due to the outbreak of the coronavirus, Online/Video Presentation are acceptable on the conference. Online presentation session will be arranged accordingly. Please contact the conference secretary for more information about Online/Video Presentation.
Participants are required to wear face mask when attending the conference. And conference staff will check the body temperature and take other active action.

Call for TPC:
Reviewers evaluate article submissions to ICLMC 2023, based on the requirements of the conference proceedings, predefined criteria, and quality, completeness and accuracy of the research presented. They provide feedback on the article and the research, suggest improvements and make a recommendation to the editor about whether to accept, reject or request changes to the article. Please submit your CV to Conference Secretary Ms. Joe Chou via iclmc@iedrc.org.

Call for Papers:
The Knowledge Base of Language Teacher Education
Social, Cultural, and Political Contexts of Language Teacher Education
Collaborations in Language Teacher Education
Practices of Language Teacher Education
The transformative nature of the role of language and communication in human cognition
The relationship between linguistic structure and cognitive processes
Input and output of large character sets of Asian languages
Typesetting and font designs of Asian languages
Asian character encoding and compression
Multimodal representations and processing
Voice input and output
Phonology and morphology
Lexical semantics and word sense
Grammars, syntax, semantics and discourse
Word segmentation, chunking, tagging and syntactic parsing
Word sense disambiguation, semantic role labeling and semantic parsing
Discourse analysis
Language, linguistic and speech resource development
Evaluation methods and user studies
Machine learning for natural language
Text analysis, understanding, summarization and generation
Text mining and information extraction, summarization and retrieval
Text entailment and paraphrasing
Text Sentiment analysis, opinion mining and question answering
Machine translation and multilingual processing
Linguistic, psychological and mathematical models of language, computational psycholinguistics
computational linguistics and mathematical linguistics
Language modeling, statistical methods in natural language processing and speech processing
Spoken language processing, understanding, generation and translation
Rich transcription and spoken information retrieval
Speech recognition and synthesis
Natural language applications, tools and resources, system evaluation
Asian language learning, teaching and computer-aided language learning
NLP in vertical domains, such as biomedical, chemical and legal text
NLP on noisy unstructured text, such as email, blogs, and SMS
New Genres, New Standards
Novel and Evolutionary Platforms / Hardware Devices
Pervasive Entertainment and Game-Playing
Robots and Cyber Pets
Social and Human Factors of Entertainment
Self Reflecting Entertainment
Simulation Applications of Games, and Military Training
More topics available @ http://www.iclmc.org/cfp.html

Submission Guidelines:
To publish the full paper into Journal International Journal of Languages, Literature and Linguistics (IJLLL) and give the oral presentation, please send us the full paper.
To give presentation only, please just send us the abstract.

Submission Methods:
1. By Online System: http://confsys.iconf.org/submission/iclmc2023
2. By Email: iclmc@iedrc.org.

Submission Instructions:
Submitted articles should be reported originally, previously unpublished research results, experimental or theoretical. Articles submitted to the Conference should meet these criteria and must not be under consideration for publication elsewhere. Manuscripts should follow the style of the Conference and are subject to both review and editing.

Full Paper:
You can publish the manuscript and deliver presentation on ICLMC 2023. Please submit Full-length Manuscript for review before the submission deadline.

You can deliver a presentation on ICLMC 2023, but the presented manuscript WILL NOT be published. Please submit Abstract Manuscript.

For Listener:
You can participate and attend all the presentation sessions only, neither making presentation nor having paper published.

Paper Page Limit:
Regular Papers: Each paper must be at least 5 pages up to 8 pages. Extra page will be charged 50 USD/Per Page.

International Journal of Languages, Literature and Linguistics(IJLLL):
As per the topics of the papers, some accepted papers will be recommended to be published in International Journal of Languages, Literature and Linguistics (IJLLL), which will be included in Google Scholar, Engineering & Technology Digital Library, Crossref, and Proquest.
ISSN: 2382-6282
Frequency: Quarterly
DOI: 10.18178/IJLLL
Template: http://www.ijlll.org/IJLLL_template.doc

International Journal of Social Science and Humanity(IJSSH):
As per the topics of the papers, some accepted papers will be recommended to be published in International Journal of Social Science and Humanity (IJSSH), which will be indexed by Google Scholar, Index Copernicus, Crossref, Electronic Journals Library.
ISSN: 2010-3646
Frequency: Quarterly (Since 2019)
DOI: 10.18178/IJSSH
Template: http://www.ijssh.org/IJSSH_template.doc

Cnference Venue:
Nishinippon Institute of Technology
Location: 1-2-11 Muromachi, Kokurakita-ku, Kitakyushu-city, Fukuoka 804-8550, JAPAN

Contact Us:
Ms. Joe Chou
Email: iclmc@iedrc.org
Tel: +86-13648043904
Working Hours: Monday-Friday 09:30-18:00 (UTC+8)